Blue - CNN

"Blue is the world's favourite colour" We worked with CNN and Dr. James Fox to produce a film for their Colour Scope series. See the website here: Produced by Sarah-Grace Mankarious & Moth Direction & Design by Moth Animation by Moth, Joe Bichard, Jennifer Zheng, Aaron Lampert, Carlos De Faria, Stephen McNally, Ester Rossi Sound Design by David Kamp Music by Giacomo Smith Client - CNN Production Year - 2016

The Indian XMas Forest

Sears's Amplitude store. Winter 2016 decoration in the garden. - Ph. Leonardo Nave

Midnight In America

Scenes from the first few nights following a very dark, divisive election season. Filmed mostly in midtown and UWS neighborhoods of Manhattan.

Santa Claus is Real

In recognition of this festive season, we caught up with the real-life Santa Claus. That’s right: Old Man Christmas is a real guy who legally changed his name to Santa Claus. Santa, it turns out, lives on Long Island, owns a barbecue company called Santa’s BBQ and has been Santa for more than 20 years.

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