We tend to cover homes that stand out from the crowd. Generally speaking, they’re either built in far out and amazing locales, or they boast exteriors that make radical statements. The Barn in Wilson, Wyoming by Carney Logan Burke Architects is not quite one of those houses. And that is far from a bad thing. The architecture firm Carney Logan Burke made sure of that. Not only did they manage to stay true to the form of old barns, but they found a way to add a stunning glass wall that opens up to a striking view of the Tetons in a way that compliments that classic style. The 2,400 square foot building, however, has more than just a prize winning view. The inside of the space, put together by WRJ Interior Design, features a refined look that includes a modern guest bathroom located on the second floor, along with a first floor garage for the home owners’ bike and car collection. The cumulative effect is a home that looks like it belongs to the past, but has all of the comfort and amenities of a modern building.


Gennaio: un viaggio attraverso l'Europa esplorando montagne, laghi ghiacciati e treni a vapore nella foresta.

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1ST PAT-RN SS2017 collection backstage

The backstage of the look book photo shooting for the 1ST PAT-RN SS2017 collection. Designers Cristiano Berto e Silvia Piccin

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