Camping is all about getting away from the crowd and spending time with the people you care about. During the summer season, however, this can be difficult. Even the best campsites get filled up fast – defeating the whole purpose of getting into the woods in the first place. Thankfully, Tentrr is here with an alternative. This camping service works with property owners in rural areas to set up fully stocked, one of a kind camping spots. That means no worrying about packing up the car with tents and gear. All you need to bring is some hiking boots and a few friends. Campsites offer up unique experiences like cycling tours, and hunting trips lead by ‘campkeepers’ (the property owners). Each campkeepers also offers up smaller creature comforts like telescopes or cooking kits. To top it all off, booking is incredibly simple. Just head to Tentrr’s website or iOS app, find one of the nearly 250 camping sites, and hit book. Right now the service is only available in the Northeastern part of the U.S. but Tentrr has plans to expand to the Pacific Northwest later this year.

A Travel Guide to Berlin

Get to Know Gestalten’s Hometown with Monocle and

James Turrell | Art + Film Honorees (from LACMA)

Qual è la percezione visiva? James Turrell, l'artista che da oltre 40'anni, ha creato opere d'arte che mettono alla prova le nostre nozioni del vedere, ci porta in viaggio attraverso la sua coinvolgente serie di opere. Diretto da Jessica Yu.

07.03.2017 - WILD HORSES

07.03.2017 - WILD HORSES, Rolling Stones

AUSTRALIA - The Eagle Eye

A journey across Australia from an eagle's eye. Featuring animals and landscapes from the deserts to the ocean, including The Kimberley, Arnhem Land, The Pilbara, Cairns to Cape York and a handful of Western Australian Deserts.
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